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Originally Posted by 09CTSV View Post
Taxes are BS. Everyone talks about a 20% base tax rate. What would it look like if you did a 10% tax rate with a flat out 4-6% federal sales tax, not state sales tax. Money would be distributed from the budgeted amount of money collected last year. If you take in $200 Trillion you budget for $200 Trillion this year, not 300 or 400. Run the .gov like our personnel checking account. Don't spend more than you make and save for the future.

It would be interesting math to figure out how much money would be taken in and how much debt paid off with the flat tax and sales tax. Imaging how many IRS people would be out of work. Each pay check 10% of your money is out and to the .gov with nothing else. You have 10 kids, 10% no deductions. You have no children, 10% no deductions. Makes the form very easy to fill out, well there would be no form would there.

Same would apply to business, 10% and no deductions. For those companies who take off overseas to avoid the tax, there could be ways to impose duties on them to recover the 10%.
I have always wondered if this is one of the reasons why a flat tax has never been seriously considered. It's not just the IRS, there is a whole industry surrounding tax preparation and tax planning, and probably 90% of them would not only be out of a job, but would have to be re-trained to do something else.
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