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Originally Posted by z06psi View Post
What rate is justified for government to take?

For earners over 250K of net income we pay an effective Income Tax rate of around 20% to Federal.

If you take the payroll tax of about 8% and then all the local and state taxes I am around 40% paid to the government.

Part 1
You must answer with a rate.

20%, 40%, 60%, 80%?

When you answer that question continue to part 2.

Part 2
At what percentage does the American population not accept it?
At what percentage does the American Millionaire population just leave?

I just heard a U.S. Senator say that we need to raise taxes.
Na you ballers should pay for everyone. Lol

Part 1.I say 20%. I think it should be a crime for the government to be taking this much money from people to pay for their BS. I am past that point already!!!

Part 2 I think there would be some issues when it gets to 60-80% range.
Not sure when they decide to leave, but they have found ways to put their money in outside places to not pay excess taxes already so maybe they will never leave?
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