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Originally Posted by Black94lt1 View Post
Wet chemistry labs, these are on fume hoods to supply variable power to research equipment. Safety staff who donít understand all the nuances of reality are citing it as deficient as they are within 6í of water. I agree that that would normally dictate GFCI but Iím trying to determine why they were not set up that way to begin with, and were approved by the electrical inspector
Well, I bet these two thought have crossed your mind is that the plant/wiring/setup predates the invention of GFCI by some in fact is grandfathered in??

I think that if the load it fairly steady on the Variac, there should be no trouble running off a typical household GCFI, now it it's a switched load coming on/off all the time....all bets are off.....especially if it's an inductive load taking something like ten amps.....the kick on/off by the switch will throw the breaker almost for sure, if my silly little shaver can induce enough kick to toss the breaker, that Variac good for 15-20 amps sure as hell will....

You know, I forgot, how about a surge supressor power strip plugged into the GFCI and then to the Variac, AND maybe one into the variac output to the load plugged into the strip.......

gotta kill that surge somehow.....that's watt she said.....
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