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Originally Posted by OddBall View Post
Thanks for the info, Triple Black

Not too shabby for a first stab at it, I guess. I'd never gotten anything this good without a little guidance from TripleBlack.
First pic you can just make out a galaxy near top center. Not sure if that is Andromeda or not. I had it pointed in that direction, so maybe.

Cannon Rebel Cannon EOS T4i
f3.5 (as low as I could get it),
ISO 3200
Shutter 25 seconds

These are uncropped and huge.

I learned that if I want to zoom in, I need to lower the shutter speed; all those shots streaked.
Also learned to check the charge on the battery before I start.

Time to break out the Photoshop...
Very cool! And the galaxy in that first shot is almost certainly Andromeda based on the size and the angle.

You can upload your photos on this web site and it will identify major objects. Don't know if it will work on a shot this wide, but give it a try.

You dont' mention, but guessing your f3.5 lens is the Canon 18-55 and if so, the f-stop is 3.5 wide open at 18mm but 5.6 when you zoom to 55mm - double whammy... You lose a stop and a half and at 55mm your going to be limited to 10 secods or so exposure due to streaking.

My most frequent shooting partner has gotten some good shots using an old T1i and a 10-22 lens which is also f3.5 at 10mm. Your T5i should do pretty well with the 18mm if you keep it at 18.

If you happen to have a Canon 50mm 1.8, give it a try wide open for 8-10 seconds.

The larger stars in the second shot have a little 'blip' which looks like either a bump of the tripod or maybe a bit of camera shake when you pressed the button. Most use a remote trigger to avoid having to touch the camera. I just usually use the 2 second delay.

Congrats!! I thing you'll be very pleased with these once you've pulled some details out with LR/PS.

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