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Originally Posted by 69camfrk View Post
What does said asshole do? He flips me off of course.
This is the way of the world these days. No matter how stupid someone is driving, if you honk at them, even to prevent an accident, you're in the wrong and they flip you off.

Happened to me yesterday. I am approaching an intersection the light is red and I enter the right turn lane no one in front of me. Light turns green and a delivery vehicle that was in the straight-through lane turns right ahead of me. OK, fine you big dummy.

Then after we both turn he comes to an almost complete stop in the right lane so I move into the left lane to pass him, he decides he's going to do an illegal U-turn in front of me. First of all wtf you just came from there. So I honk two quick beeps to let him know I'm on his left so he doesn't drive into me.

He honks back and flips me off.

Yeah; my bad for honking at you in order to stop you from crashing into me.
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