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Originally Posted by 6spdC6 View Post
For cars and pickup trucks!
For the most part I never had much trouble merging into traffic on the fast roads (interstate type) Have lots in my area.

I move down the ramp it a good pace, size up the traffic and found out long ago you better off at a higher speed that the traffic already on the road and you can pick your spot much easier that way.

I have passed idiots on the approach ramp going too slow so I do not get stuck when they get close, look and then stop. (yes I have seen that countless times) If they catch you your next move is also to be trying to get on the road from a dead stop also, not a good situation!

For driving a large truck.
Driving a large commercial truck most people know that when they see you coming up the approach with your turn signals flashing you are coming over, you are telling them that not asking for permission!

How not to merge...

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