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Default Mega Update

I'm just going to upload a bunch of pictures and a video. I've been working pretty consistently and it's about the most damn frustrating project EVAR. But I knew that going in.

This thing is a beast. Either I will win or it will break me.

First up - the duel color deflector dish. When the Enterprise first fires up, the dish is amber (the photos do not reflect the actual color) then it fades to blue as the warp drives come on line. Very neat two color LED. Since I took those shots, I've cleaned up the little splines quite a bit (holy crap I almost went blind gluing all those in there.

Next shot is of a little light box. There are a few of these inside the model I've fabricated - they seal off the light so it doesn't bleed into another area. That little round port hole also has a duel color LED that is synced to the deflector. Without light boxes, the impulse engine LEDs (red) would bleed into the other and look like shit.

Wires, wires and more wires. Not sure how all of this will fit in there. May have to move the circuit board to the base.

A shot of another conduit (a red straw in this case) to route the wires through the pylons. Lot's of wires and very little space.

I've got my pearl paints - the model will first be shot in grey primer, sanded with 1500 grit, then sprayed with flat white enamel. (Inside and out. On the inside there is an additional layer of metallic silver to block the light).

Over this flat white, I'll spray white pearl over the entire thing. Then, after about 60 hours of masking, I'll start laying in a 4 color aztec pattern with gold, blue and yellow pearl. Very light and transparent. (5th color is white).

****ing bananas. But I love a challenge. I bought vinyl laser cut masks but still an insane job of masking, removing, remasking, removing, remasking - for every color. I'll post a video of the effect - it's worth the effort.

Here's a more recent video update shot tonight.

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