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Originally Posted by MidLifeinMI View Post
I followed your first thread, since I had also bought the Polar Lights 1/350 model. For various reasons, I haven't got very far (not much farther than the painting in your first thread, lol), and don't really have a good workspace right now. Outside of some painting, about all I managed to do was gather a handful of aftermarket parts (light board, LEDs, Aztecing template, printable decals) and finished the arboretum and shuttlecraft hangar deck:

Subscribed to the new thread, as I'm sure some of the tech is better than when I first started. Where did you manage to find the kit? The TOS Enterprise seems to be their only current 1/350 kit now.
They reissued an improved design. I got the electronics from (havenít received yet) I opted for the MegaBoard but you can buy individual circuits and control boards.

Iím going to add some surface mount tiny, very bright LEDs for certain floodlights. I figured out that the holes are not angled properly to throw the light correctly. You have to modify the bridge (raise it 2mm and move it forward about an 1/8Ē to get rid of the huge shadow the center bump causes.

The lights that light up the pylons are wrong too. They need to be redrilled at the correct angles. Itís sort of interesting to do the kit for the second time. I know where it needs work to fit together better and now have the right adhesives. DONT use CA glue on the plastic parts except for temporary bonds or to set LEDs. It becomes brittle after a few years and the bonds fail.

I still collecting paint and build supplies. All my paint was solidified. Iím also running plastic conduit inside here and there to make running wire easier. There is so much shit inside itís really frustrating during final assembly to run the wires.

Iím also doing the five color, pearl Aztec Pattern. Donít use the decals. They donít last either.

Feel free to add your build pics to the thread! Nice work on the shuttle bay. That is like a model unto itself.
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