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Originally Posted by Strats-N-Vettes View Post
Think about it; as teen remember trying to get to "2nd base"?
How about third or a home run?

Here's the real kicker:
When you were turned down at trying to get to 2nd base (unclipping bra IIRC); did you immediately give up, or did you try again?

Did you slow dance at homecoming only have her move your hand up off her butt because it was too low?
Dude, I was so clueless to signals when I was a teen that literally the first time I got to any base beyond first was when the girl snuck into my bed in the middle of the night, she was staying overnight with my sisters. She did this on several occasions, each time we'd do a little more. Finally we did the deed. Prior to this happening I had zero idea she even liked me. Very cute girl, 10/10 would do again even though she eventually cheated on me.
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