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Originally Posted by snide View Post
Looks like that picture was taken while standing next to the bridge.
YUP, damn close, and on some photo site years ago, we found damn nearly the same shot...(but my wife's is better ) on a print for sale wanted like 100 bux......pretty close.....

catching the sun angles, reflections, interesting to find the same essential pix is obviously a foot bridge.....

taken on the last time I/We vacationed with my oldest buddy from HS yet.....

he was only 68 when he passed....never said a word, found out some 6-8 months later after emails and phone calls went unanswered.....called around and finally found the local paper, and sure enough......pix and named wife and 2 daughters......both of which are TCU grads top of class in finance/accounting one of which was in NYC for some top flight firm....both of then quitting Arthur Anderson when that ENRON thing was about to break....they heard the internal memos and found other jobs.....them kids far smarter than average ......

Lilly was a Viet Nam nursing shortage import from Scotland to a local FW Tejas hospital.....and so we all met up in a garden apt. complex.....I broke up with my g/f and so went back to DC region....he went to work at a Miller Brew plant off the freeway outta FW...3 miles from his house that he bought brand new and the builder helped him finance it..... on a hillside like mine here.....

He and I met being fellow geeks on the screwal bus....he had a Heathkit Oscilloscope with him and I about went ape shit to see another kid who knew WTF it even WAS, let alone taking it to the ham radio club.....he was 2 years younger than me.....

Last I saw his house, it looked like a CIA/NSA/DIA/NASA watch station...more antennas then they had.....

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