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Originally Posted by neece View Post
I was told by Savewave that Nicole complained so incessantly, claiming I get special treatment, that she had become such high maintenance to the mods that I wasn't allowed to speak to her, directly or indirectly, or be banned. The funny thing is that I never say anything to the woman, declined her invitation to a war with words, and ignore her every post. Why she thinks I need to be banned is beyond me. Was it because I made a thread about Butch women where I never mentioned her but yet other men have called her Butch, and worse. Yeah, thick skin indeed!

I have never written a mod to complain about people's posts, but I was told to report you bar folk or be banned. So, you don't get to cry to mods about my harmless posts, report them, then troll my threads. If I am told that I can't engage you then you sure as heck aren't going to troll me!

I was banned for five days for mentioning the rules I had been given. Talk about delicate sensibilities! Hard to believe you people are grown ups! Keep on hatin', lmao!
But see here's the problem that a feud which started with a few people has caused. You and I are cool and had three friendly exchanges in the "quality" thread yet I got 3 days, one for each exchange.

So instead of one or more parties involved taking that ole "high road" we have innocents getting taken out in collateral damage. So now those of us who may enjoy engaging with you can't or they could be taken out in the mess.

So now your experience over there is diminished because you can't engage with people you may like. These feuds have always in the big picture been a lose-lose, which is why I was preaching the high road mantra to multiple parties months ago.

As always,
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