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bilmem '84 starts but won't keep running

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone here can help me diagnose my problem. I Bought my '84 about a year ago and everything was running great until last week. I started getting signs of a dying fuel pump / fuel delivery problems. I was getting a power lag while accelerating. It would pause for a second after i stepped on the gas when speeding up. It stalled on me a couple times and seemed to be getting worse by the day. I replaced the fuel filter- no improvement. Finally it died while I was driving yesterday and wouldn't start at all. I put a new fuel pump in even though the old factory one was still making noise when I turned the key. Thought it might help but no cigar. No check engine light or anything coming up either. I replaced all the spark plugs and put a new rotor in the distributor. Now it starts but it won't keep running. Even if i give it gas it still dies out after 2 seconds. No revving after the initial turnover.

Any idea what it could be? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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