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Originally Posted by RedLS1GTO View Post
IF you are a group, you should pay as a group and eliminate the variable. You are a group... of individuals. If you pay separately, you are not a group. If you pay as a group, it should be pretty damn easy to collect money as you see fit from the start and hand it to them at the end as opposed to everybody putting individual tips out there and then complaining after the fact.

And are those positive comments are from those that agree with you from the start? You said that you "advised all that they leave at least a $5 tip". Why do you get to make that decision for everybody else? What gives you the power to tell somebody to not show up if they don't like YOUR rules on tipping? I may be missing something but it seems like you have declared yourself the leader and expect everybody else to simply do as they are told, because... well... you said to. Some folks may not take too well to self appointed leaders handing out rules.

If I am paying for myself, I am going to be tipping however much I want to tip, no different than if I was just out with friends in any other situation.

Of course as I read this thread, it reminds me of some of the reasons that I have no desire whatsoever to be part of "groups".
Yes, they rules. I set it up, you don't have to participate, very simple game here.

Your points are well taken, and of course, they are your opinions. Some folks like to have leaders, some are followers, some don't like to belong to groups, some like to belong to groups, some are too damn lazy to take any initiative to do something as mundane as setting up a breakfast gathering of friends.

Here's the way I see it, I take it upon myself to organize these meetings of breakfast and lunch runs, because I like to. I'll set some rules to participate, no arm twisting, no ostracizing, everybody's welcome, however folks that don't like it...............there's the door.

Just like you, if you don't like, you don't participate, I do the same as well.
Thank You For Your Service
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