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Before anything, I'm generally a good tipper, however I do base it on service.

Now for my likely unpopular opinion...

It seems like you are leading this group's breakfast outings, even if that leadership is not in any official manner. If that's the case, lead it and do it. Collect all of the money, etc, and make it "official" as a group. If not, people are there as individuals and your opinion is quite simply irrelevant. People are going to do what they do. Expecting everybody else to subscribe to your exact tipping habits is foolish.

WTH is a "tip threshold" and who defined it? You? Why not $10 per person? Why not $15?

We as a group, did not meet the tip threshold today, which was 16 of us x $5 = $80. We left $68
How long were you there? An hour? $68 an hour to serve you guys coffee doesn't seem too bad to me. Like I said, I'm usually a pretty damn good tipper, but somebody sending an email like you sent isn't going to do anything but piss me off. You want to leave them $80, $100, $150 go for it. If you want to donate, go for it. If you want to make it something resembling an official event, again, go for it. Until that point, I will continue to leave whatever tip I feel is appropriate, which may be either more or less than your "threshold" on any given day.
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