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Default Finally Had Enough Of These Cheap..........


My breakfast run group finally tweaked a nerve in me. I've been trying to get these guys for the last couple of months to tip a little better, but gawd, it's like pulling hens teeth from some. Out of the 80 some people I sent the notice to, I usually get a group of 15 - 20 on average. Most are pretty good, but it's the same 2 - 3 that continually leave a buck or two, I hate that, cheap SOB's.

After this morning, I sent this out to the group, I'm getting incoming but all positive comments so far. From the cheapo's...........crickets.

Subject line:


Did you not get the memo? Apparently there a few who haven't. We as a group, did not meet the tip threshold today, which was 16 of us x $5 = $80. We left $68.

Yeah, I know a few of you are thinking, "well that's even too much money". My answer to that.....bullshit.
Damn near all of us have at least a $100,000 tied up in household vehicles alone, not counting the nice places we live. We can afford to leave a $5 tip, I don't care if you just order a glass of water, leave the tip.

The places we visit are doing US, WE, OUR GROUP a favor by accommodating. The waitresses are paid less than minimum wage, they survive entirely by TIPS. Let me ask you this question....would you do what they do for peanuts? Wait on a bunch of grouchy loud and noisy old farts? I don't think so.
Especially today, our waitress Alicia, does yeoman work to ensure we get what we ask for, as do others at other places as well. Let's show some appreciation.

I have gotten feedback in the past, that we are a cheap bunch....and they all own Corvettes. I want that reputation to go away.

Just a reminder, these gatherings ARE NOT a club function, this is a private undertaking organized by me. You do not need to wear name tags or other club apparel.........remember, private gathering, reservations are made as Corvette Group, no club names involved.

I've been setting these up for almost 10 years now, and we as a group are finally leaving some decent tips of late, we need to continue with that. If you as an individual feel that I'm over stepping my boundaries or it's none of my business to dictate what you should leave, we can easily remedy that feeling, I would prefer you just not participate. I can also request the establishment to include a set gratuity in the bill.

I may piss a few of you off, if so............well...........I'll let it go at that.

These messages I send out for a meet does not go out as an all club member notice, just to an exclusive list of folks that have or want to participate in this function.

I'll be standing-by for incoming.


Thank You For Your Service
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