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Originally Posted by boracayjohnny View Post
Since it's just been setting, what about all the parts that have degraded. Tires for sure and what about all the other rubber bushings and even the gaskets.
Yep, it really needs EVERYTHING at that mileage. The A/C quit, steering got sloppy (idler arm), I changed brake pads, but never had rotors surfaced. Others I know that is about the mileage the transmission also gives up ($3k)

Originally Posted by aerovette View Post
Growing up "po" that's the way it was done. Replace the minimum. Fix what's broken.

Having moved up to regular "poor", I'd go ahead and get an off the shelf rebuild from a "quickie" shop and give yours as a core.

Baller answer - LS engine swap.
Hmm....I'll have google LS in a S10. I know it's popular with full size.

Originally Posted by Strats-N-Vettes View Post
At 220k miles?...all the trouble of just doing crank work?

Pull the motor and don't be foolish.
Decide-----> rebuild/re-man/LS swap
Yep, probably would blow a head gasket after all that. I was just thinking of something that I would be comfortable doing. I haven't rebuilt a motor in 30 years...and that was under supervision from a ASE mechanic. I understand everything that needs done. Just afraid of screwing something up being a one man show.

Originally Posted by bill_daniels View Post
How much is a 22 year old S-10 going to be worth, even with a new/rebuilt motor?
Sentimental. I always enjoyed driving it. They were great trucks. Small, good power, driving, etc...for one person.

Originally Posted by markids77 View Post
That depends entirely on what the truck means to the OP. Heirloom or other history can make any object priceless, and worth the investment.
Yep. Just always enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by markids77 View Post
ATK long block from Jeg's $1553 with free freight. Listing says 1987-1991... carbureted VS throttle body???
1997, throttle body. There even seems to be a difference depending on the VIN for that year(s). Maybe something to do with the computer? The shops I got a quote from wanted the VIN. I can't remember...maybe some with a 'W' or something in the VIN were different.
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