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Originally Posted by Sneaks View Post
His alzhimers had gotten to the point that mom could no longer take care of him, he couldn't do anything for himself, knew no one, had dwindled down to 118lbs(this from a man that once was a 6'4", 240 brick block who was never sick a day in his life), etc. My mom had been taking care of him at home for the last 18 months and she was completely worn down to nothing.
On Tuesday, I got a call from St. Catherines that he was unresponsive. My brother and I made the 1 1/2 trip to Indiana in about 50 minutes. Luckily there was light traffic and no cops on I65. When we got there, he was laying in his bed, un-responsive and breathing very shallow. We sat with him for about 20 minutes. I didn't think he could hear me, but I hoped he could. I couldn't speak. Seeing my Dad laying there like that just tore my guts out. Dad and I always had a connection where he seemed to know what I was thinking, so I just sat there and kept telling him in my mind that I loved him, and that it was OK to go home. At 7:45 PM December 4th, he took his last breath. He would have been 81 on Dec 30th.
My dad taught me everything. How to shoot, hunt, trap, fish, work on cars, sharpen a knife, to be responsible, and a million more things. He was my hero my entire life. No way I could ever explain what he meant to me.
Rest in peace Dad. I love you.
So sorry to hear of your loss. Seeing someone who you once knew as a very healthy, very independent person dwindling down to nothing and can't do anything for themselves has to be the hardest way to see someone you love check out. Just know they are no longer in pain, and are living joyously now.

My dad was everything yours was to you, and maybe more. He passed when I was 23, and nothing has been completely right(within myself), since. I miss him everyday, just as I do my mom who passed right before I turned 18. I had a void when my mom passed, but when my dad passed, there is something missing from my everyday life. I used to call him everyday, we would either bullshit, or he would be talking me down off the ledge because of work shit...telling me that I am going to get very upset over my working career and that I need to let it roll off my back. I couldn't quantify the times I called him completely pissed off about work, and when we hung up, I had a different perspective on life, work, etc. He was a do all kind of person. If it was broken, he would fix it. If one of us boys was out of line, he shaped us up. I never knew what my dad meant as we were growing up...but now that I am an adult, I understand each of his lessons. He taught me work ethic, manners, how to flirt the right way, how to work on a vehicle, how to....etc. He meant the world to me...

You will miss your father immensely, but just know he is always there for you, whether he is here in human form or not. You now have a kick ass guardian angel!
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