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Originally Posted by Sneaks View Post
Possible torque tube bearing going bad? Use a stethescope to listen along the driveline near the point where you kinda sorta hear the clang bang rattle tink grind.
Just make sure the Squirrell is up on a lift or jackstands(well supported) when you put it in gear and try to listen. You're nice and slim Wendy, but not slim enough to go hanging upside down under the Squirrell with a scope in your ear.
Originally Posted by wwomanC6 View Post
Took the Squirrel to a Vette friend who is a mechanic. Torque tube bearing is going bad and making the rattling noise. Looks like Sat we will be dropping the rear end and changing the torque tube bearings.
You owe me 1 dozen oatmeal cookies for my expert diagnosis.
Glad you got it figured out, fixed, and back in shape Wendy.
'98 Pewter coupe. A little of this and a little of that.....
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