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Originally Posted by Sneaks View Post
You probably won't see a great increase in throttle response, unless you're going to a ported TB. You will see a slight increase in torque, and a slightly deeper exhaust tone. Don't forget to make sure you plug the vacuum line at the rear of the intake back in when you do the install. If you don't, you'll be chasing an HVAC problem and won't know why. Also, while you're at it, change out the hard plastic vacuum line for a rubber one. It goes down to the canister under the battery. The line is inside the big wire loom. Just replace it and run the new rubber one down to the canister. Five minutes here and you'll save yourself a lot of headaches later when the hard plastic one breaks, and it will break. They all do eventually.
Glad you got the CLUNK fixed. Them noises can drive you nuts man!
Thanks man, yeah the noise was irking me lol. and good point on te pipe. gonna push the install back untill next weekend.

But I went to buy a new oil pressure sensor today since my old one is shot. oil pressure reads pegged! So I go to Autozone and their BWD one is like 47 bucks, I told them nah i aint paying that, so they had an ac delco at wards corner for 25. Hell I aint driving out there. So I left and went to pepboys and they had the same thing BWD for the same price.. I told them that autozone had it for 29.99. So they matched the price and I had to buy a fuel line disconnect kit which was 12bucks. then after military discount I paid like 27 bucks for both.
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