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Hey PD and IC and any others who might be looking:

I really appreciate this place. It's like few others. For the most part, people conduct themselves like adults. Even in BtB, people know the rules and stick by them. Very few things have I seen that have gone way past the line.

If there is one place on this forum where the above is not true, it's in PR&C. There are a bunch of intellectual children in there having the run of the place. I was a very active member at that other place precisely because there was debate and was well moderated. I find myself visiting that section here once a week because of the incessant spouting of BUSH/CHENEY/HALLIBURTON/PALIN/BECKERHEAD and other such nonsense.

I can handle my political positions quite well because I'm informed and I trust in my ability to reason. I appreciate a good debate and being questioned on my beliefs. What we get here are a bunch of incoherent responses that are the equivalent of, "nanny nanny boo boo you're a poopy face" but not quite so civil or intelligent.

As much as Will can be a PITA - okay, I do like his humor - we need someone like him in there to police the lack of intellect that has taken over. We understand the current moderators are all very busy and we appreciate all their hard work with a mostly civil but sometimes unruly bunch. Lightening that load a bit by assigning someone like Will as PR&C moderator would go a long way toward improving the overall forum. We'd love to attract more people, I'm sure, and a more diligent effort in PR&C would be a good start.

Thanks for reading.

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