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I have had my flipped out hippy phone for close to 20 years, wore one out so on my second phone, and wife kept bugging me about her second flat phone, and I finally caved and decided to give it a a Sammy 5 on an 80 buck .net rebuilt the phone is fine, just that my fingers have worked too much and I can't get the damn screen to react to my finger tips, works for HER just fine, but not ME, I have this pen with a rubber tip on it, to manipulate the damn screen......

Flip phones are FAR superior.....

Funny as hell here, main drag into the burb, ATT is tearing up about a mile worth of tree lawn to install some ~4" diameter black fiber optic cable off huge reels into existing ducts now WHY, I don't understand....they sure as hell not coming down the back fence line behind my house/street to replace the old tore up twisted pairs that been there full of lightening strikes since '72 when they built this joint......T storms are very popular here in Florida, and the tall trees are nothing but lightening rods, so Comcast off the power pole fiber lines is the way to go......ATT with Dish set ups sux too, because they go down with every the 22 years I been here I have had Dish and Direct and they both suck......a couple years ago I finally took a sawzall to the poles in the back yard and set the hardware to the street.....

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