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Let me see..... Pet Peeve's at car shows.

1.) When Mike Illmac77 shows up and I know I'm going to loose. Joking...
2.) People showing up with a BRAND new ZR1 with window stickers on the window and get mad if they don't win 1st place (Mike and i witnessed that). Mike got 1st place
3.) People that go to Wal Mart /Pep Boys and stick on crap all over there car.
4.) Painted engine bay's parts that have the paint chipping away, and take 1st place.
5.) Fat chicks.
6.) Hot chicks with freak BF's. You just can't imagine them giving it up to them. ....
7.) People who bring all there trophy's to the show. The only trophy I ever brought to a show is one I won in 2006 for a Dyno day at LG's I won for highest N/A horsepower. I even beat out all the new 06 Z's.
8.) Flashing lights and Flashing LED's all over the car and engine bay.
9.) Folks with the baby doll leaning face forward into the side of the car.

Honestly I don't car about winning anything. Sure I clean up my car for the show. I mostly like to go to chat with my friends and see some custom work other folks did to there car. I cheer them on if they win an award !

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