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VatorMan 02-24-2016 07:27am

Spence-You aren't alone any more


But this month, Crews has proven his talents are not limited to Wayans’ brothers comedies, underarm deodorant commercials and “nip syncing” duets with Jimmy Fallon. In more than 20 minutes of confessional video posted online this month, he has detailed his lifelong addiction to pornography and how he overcame it.

“For years, years, years, my dirty little secret was that I was addicted to pornography,” he said in a “Dirty Little Secret” video posted to Facebook. “… Pornography, it really, really messed up my life in a lot of ways.”

Crews’s unburdening, which so far extends over three videos with more to come, offered a primer on why people become addicted to pornography and how they can defeat it. Crews said he “literally had to go to rehab” for his problem, which he’s been over for “six, seven years now.” He said it compromised his relationship with his wife, with whom he has five children and who he once felt “owed” him sex, and forced him to lead a double life.

“I believed that I was more valuable than my wife as a human being because I was a man,” he said. “And when you believe that you are more valuable than another person, you kind of feel like they owe you. … And I was wrong.”

His criticism for the medium, which he started exploring at 12, was unbounded.

“It changes the way you think about people,” he said. “People become objects. People become body parts. They become things to be used rather than people to be loved.”

Crews, 47, said his use of porn was related to anxiety, loneliness and depression.

“Every time you look at pornography is a desire for intimacy,” he said. “You are trying to fight your feelings of being alone by filling it with pornography in an attempt to feel that you are with someone and you know someone. But the problem is pornography is an intimacy killer.”

mrvette 02-24-2016 08:00am

huumpfgh.....there was a guy in the college dorm back in '64 or so.....German fellow, highly interested in porn, of the 50 some odd guys on the floor, he seemed obsessed with it, every issue of Playboy we didn't want to touch after he looked at it......:dance::lol:

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