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1TZSLO 03-21-2011 8:55am

I think I Spun a Bearing...
I am not greatly knowlegdeable about the internals of our motors.
Today at the drag strip after about 5 passes the car sounds awful so I cut it off and waited a few minutes and cut it back on to hear this horrible noise. I had no choice to drive back since it was an hour away from home. My car is a 97 Targa, H/C stock block 75k around 424rwhp. Now at idle and while driving after this noise was heard here are the readings of my gauges

Oil Pressure-- between 19 and 23 psi while cruising the interstate/ normal is 38ish
Oil Temp-- hovered between 240 and 246 at 65 mph
Water-- normal 205 ish.

There are no codes and no leaks of any kind. I just walked in the door so I haven't had time to take off my Valve covers to see if its a bent rod or broken lifter. I will dig into it as much as I can with my abilities before I take it somewhere.
I am just looking for some opinions of where to start?
Go straight for the block?
From what I have researched everyone says pull the oil filter and if there is metal shavings I have spun a Bearing.

Thanks for your time


mariofromnewyork 03-21-2011 5:42pm

What where your times?



Midnight85 03-29-2011 8:29am

Sounds too metallic to be a spun rod, that would be a knock, possibly starting after a high pitched squealing sound. I would drain the oil first & see if there is shavings, strain the oil as it comes out of the pan through a pair of old nylons, pantyhose. If you see shavings there then it's vary likely a spun bearing but at this point I don't think so. I think I can hear the sound of a rocker clinking in there. What you may have is a bent valve, a compression test will tell.

UPDATE, I just listened to the clip again and I think I did pick up a squeal at the very end of it. The elevated temps and the lower pressure are not good signs so a bearing could very well be the problem

Tulsa Vette Guy 04-24-2011 12:48pm

Sounds bad,, maybe it is a spun bearing, I would get some good advice from the garage.

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