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lspencer534 10-04-2020 7:04pm

"Blazing Saddles" is 46 years old...
Yep, it was released in 1974, and there'll probably never be a movie like it. A little unknown history about the movie:

1. Not only did Cleavon Little (the Sheriff) commit himself to writing part of the script, Richard Prior did a major part of the script writing.

2. Andrew Bergman wrote the basic premise for the movie in 1971, The first draft of the movie title was "Tex X" (after Malcolm X), then "Black Bart" (an old bad guy cowboy). He took his movie to Warner Brothers, who liked the idea and hired Alan Arkin as director and James Earl Jones to play the sheriff. The script eventually made its way to Mel Brooks.

3. The famous "fart scene" where the cowboys are eating beans and start passing gas, was the first time farting had been seen (heard?) in a movie. This scene was removed from the television version of the movie.

4. John Wayne was offered a part in "Blazing Saddles" but turned it down. He told Mel Brooks that he'd probably be the first person to go see the movie.

5. Mel Brooks put out an ad looking for singers who sounded like Frankie Laine to sing the theme song. Laine saw the ad, called Brooks, and said that he'd sing it. When he recorded the song, he had no idea that the movie was a spoof.

6. The movie grossed over $126M with a cost of a little over $2M.

7. In 1975, there was pilot of a TV show based on "Blazing Saddles" and called "Black Bart". It never made it on the air.

You can't see a full version of the movie on YouTube for free, but here's the ending:

tjfontaine 10-04-2020 7:06pm

My Favorite Movie EVER!!!!

Norm 10-04-2020 7:53pm

Funny movie. Some quotes.

ratflinger 10-04-2020 8:10pm

Richard was supposed to be the sheriff, but the studio wanted someone with more of a 'name'

snide 10-04-2020 9:09pm

Love that movie. :yesnod:

Dan Dlabay 10-05-2020 4:32am

Like the movie. Have it on dvd.:cert:

Broken Wind 10-05-2020 5:51am

I saw the movie in Ď74. Frankly, I didnít get it at the time. It seemed stupid. However, it aged well with me and I have seen it and laughed innumerable times since. Mel Brooks would be exiled to Epsteinís Island and ass raped if he tried to make that today.

Old Ben 10-05-2020 5:59am

Great movie. Watch it ever chance I can.

RMVette 10-05-2020 6:20am


Originally Posted by Old Ben (Post 1811308)
Great movie. Watch it ever chance I can.


That and Young Frankenstein !

Norm 10-05-2020 6:35am

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Slim Pickens.

MadInNc 10-05-2020 6:43am

One night while PUI posting with dvap (Phred) I bought drunk the whole Mel Brooks collection.. no remorse LOL

BADRACR1 10-06-2020 10:45pm

All time fave. Probably seen it mor than any other.

Anjdog2003 10-07-2020 12:26am

MidLifeinMI 10-07-2020 11:31am


Originally Posted by ratflinger (Post 1811252)
Richard was supposed to be the sheriff, but the studio wanted someone with more of a 'name'

Close, but not quite - Pryor was a LOT bigger name than Cleavon Little, but studio execs were very nervous about Pryor's bad reputation. Brooks wanted Pryor, but they ended up with Pryor writing and Little acting, to appease the studio. Little ended up being a great fit.

LilRedCorvette 10-08-2020 8:39pm

Viewed it in my film history class as an example of 'western parodies'. :Jeff '79: :seasix:

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