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Defib1961 09-20-2020 7:40pm

Sorry folks, on a music binge. Post yours.

Dan Dlabay 09-20-2020 7:47pm

Touringmike 09-20-2020 7:49pm

Watching the Tom Petty story right now on HN network;
"how it really happened"

Rikki Z-06 09-20-2020 7:50pm

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John Wiz 09-20-2020 8:06pm

Defib1961 09-20-2020 8:08pm

If you haven't watched the series "VIKING" on PRIME, give it a look. Pretty good show. Theme song is bad assed too.

Little Red L98. 09-20-2020 8:20pm

Anjdog2003 09-20-2020 8:22pm

Anjdog2003 09-20-2020 8:31pm

Little Red L98. 09-20-2020 8:32pm

Steve_R 09-20-2020 8:39pm


Originally Posted by Rikki Z-06 (Post 1807620)

They asked for music, not noise. :slap:

Anjdog2003 09-20-2020 8:43pm

Little Red L98. 09-20-2020 8:47pm

TripleBlack 09-20-2020 9:26pm

This one is long, nearly 14 minutes, but every time I listen to it I wish it were longer. Just keeps getting better as it goes. Duane Allman and crew with Boz Skaggs. Never thought that highly of Boz Skaggs until a friend introduced me to this. And throw in the Memphis Horns to top it off.

ThomasTheGiraffe 09-20-2020 9:39pm

Typically I'm keyed into what guitar players are doing for obvious reasons. (Lindsey Buckingham is CRIMINALLY overlooked in this department)

But in this song? Mick Fleetwood beats the shit outta that kit. :yesnod:

Anjdog2003 09-20-2020 9:42pm

Rikki Z-06 09-21-2020 5:24am


Originally Posted by Steve_R (Post 1807642)
They asked for music, not noise. :slap:

Learn it, Live it, Love it. :balls:

Dixievet 09-21-2020 8:39am


Anjdog2003 09-21-2020 10:53am


Originally Posted by Rikki Z-06 (Post 1807660)
Learn it, Live it, Love it. :balls:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: :seasix:

69camfrk 09-21-2020 3:39pm

We are lucky to have shared the planet with the likes of Page and Knopfler. Telegraph Road is by far my favorite Dire Straits song.:seasix:

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