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MadInNc 07-14-2020 1:17pm

Another National Day....
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Happy National Nude Day -

On July 14th, laundry is unnecessary. Itís National Nude Day! Enjoy an air bath or explore the naturist movement.
One thing is for sure, the observance offers a way to keep cool on a hot, sticky summer day. Noted for enjoying the natural state, Benjamin Franklin would reportedly take air baths by the open window of his room allowing the fresh air to drift around his birthday suit. The postmaster didnít invent the naturist movement, nor did it take any particular nation by storm.
Its observance is firmly planted during the middle of the summer months for a good reason; the Northern Hemisphere doesnít mess around in January!
However, I don't look good naked anymore -

DAB 07-14-2020 4:20pm

well, shoot, i wish I had known about this earlier, I haven't got a thing to wear! :balls:

LilRedCorvette 07-14-2020 5:19pm

Today (7/14) is also National Mac & Cheese Day :yum:

So I guess you could enjoy a big ol carby bowl of it while unclothed on the sofa watching TV :Jeff '79:

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