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Mike Mercury 07-18-2019 11:55pm

since the VB C8 section seems dead...
what did you think after now seeing the real C8 ME car?

I think GM should be congratulated at making a two seat entry-level looking mid engine sports car - that starts in the $70k price range. They pulled off one helluva feat..

But.... the previous 3-4 generations of Corvettes did not look like entry-level two seat FE sports cars; they were higher tiered in appearance of the overall FE sports car segment.

I must see a C8 in person; I remember the C7 reveal pics did not seem represent the way the car looked in person.

Olustee bus 07-19-2019 1:24am

New designs often brings new problems. I bet there will be some but I agree, it is a great accomplishment.

Dixievet 07-19-2019 5:33am

Need to see one in person.

datawiz 07-19-2019 5:39am

I'm certainly going to consider one. Need to see how well I fit first.

Grey Ghost 07-19-2019 6:03am

The reveal show sucked ass. The car looks smaller, but reminds me so much of a Lotus Spyder. Just doesn't seem very original in design. I like it better than the C5/C6/C7 though and would buy one if I was looking for a sports car.

Mike Mercury 07-19-2019 7:28am

the cars specs tell a story of a high level ME sports car.

The exterior styling doesn't do the specs justice IMO. We all have visions of what a car is when someone says "mid-engined"... and right off the bat the C8 doors open conventionally.

Performance wise the C8 may just dent sales of Porsche and some Ferarris & Lambos; but they have the appearance of an exotic.

I hope that when seeing a C8 in person... it will give a more appealing vibe cosmetically.

Dan Dlabay 07-19-2019 7:28am

I will have to see one in person before I decide whether I like it or not.:cert:

datawiz 07-19-2019 7:45am

Some pretty cool features coming:

kvozel 07-19-2019 7:53am

I hope I hate it when I see it. That way I won't be arguing with the wife about buying one :D

One thing I do dislike is the touchscreen. It looks like they designed the interior and then said "oh crap, where we going to put this thing?. Similar to Tesla just slapping it onto the dash.

MadInNc 07-19-2019 7:54am

Better be bigger than a Lotus. LOL

.... or I won’t fit, comfortably for a trip

C5SilverBullet 07-19-2019 8:25am

Pricing starts "under $60,000"

C5SilverBullet 07-19-2019 8:26am


Originally Posted by MadInNc (Post 1677513)
Better be bigger than a Lotus. LOL

.... or I won’t fit, comfortably for a trip

Supposed to have a lot more interior room than the C7. We'll see though.

mrvette 07-19-2019 8:33am

WTF?? no convertible?? and too much with the angles and crap on the body....front has two fakey looking black 'air intakes'?? below the lights....and the rear has the same effect outlets there....WTF?? I can understand the side scoops for the chilly air but the front/

overall, the design is tooooooooo BUZZY/busy??.......and HOO in hell makes a square steering wheel??

plus some comment about the HVAC? control in some strip down the console.....???

z06psi 07-19-2019 8:36am

Roof line just looks tall. Glad it has coil overs now.

I will buy one. However, the C5Z06 isn't going anywhere.

C5SilverBullet 07-19-2019 8:46am

Allocations begin in September, we have 14

Mike Mercury 07-19-2019 8:50am


Originally Posted by MadInNc (Post 1677513)
Better be bigger than a Lotus. LOL

.... or I won’t fit, comfortably for a trip

Company owners have two Lotus Elise; from a distance - once they start driving towards you - they look hawt. But once directly in front of you... they are small.

If you like the way they look, don't ruin the good vibes by sitting inside one...

C5SilverBullet 07-19-2019 8:53am

Order guide is release July 24

snide 07-19-2019 8:55am

Fiero 2.0


Norm 07-19-2019 9:05am

Somewhat nice looking, but ehh, I have my reservations. I do not like that bubble look of the roof line. Since I'm probably not going to get one, moot point for me.

z06psi 07-19-2019 9:06am

I think it will be good. The performance aspects are exciting me.

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