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J S Machine 01-11-2011 8:08am

Get in here and post a picture of yourself
Ok folks, somebody had to do it. Most of us know each other here, but some don't, and this is an alot tighter group of people. We don't want to hear your lame excuses either

Let's see some picture of you and your family. Hot wife pics are good. Kids..Whatever ya got :above:

I'll start. The wife and baby and I at gulf shores earlier this year (something tells me my engrish is all jacked up in that sentence but I don't care)-

Z06David 01-11-2011 8:32am

My little one and I

Obligatory pic of my wife

Barkingowl 01-11-2011 8:52am

I'm on the right...

neece 01-11-2011 8:55am

GB Vette 01-11-2011 9:00am

At the wheel...

Scissors 01-11-2011 9:06am


Originally Posted by Barkingowl (Post 70195)

You're also on the right in this picture...

VatorMan 01-11-2011 9:06am

Wurzburg Germany. Freezing my ass off.

Scissors 01-11-2011 9:07am

I'm the black woman in the center, with EnglandGreen and OneDef...

lander 01-11-2011 9:08am


Originally Posted by VatorMan (Post 70213)
Wurzburg Germany. Freezing my ass off.

Oh yeah! Well...Baden-Baden Germany freezing my ass off!

DAB 01-11-2011 9:09am

A few years ago during winter in Antarctica:

Dixievet 01-11-2011 9:09am

Me and Yamma

VatorMan 01-11-2011 9:09am


Originally Posted by Dixievet (Post 70218)

I was sure one of you would have gone in a meat bikini.

Scissors 01-11-2011 9:11am

Me in Tallinn, Estonia.

...and in Kosovo...

Scissors 01-11-2011 9:16am

I'll never forget Warsaw...

Kerrmudgeon 01-11-2011 9:17am

Natasha...where are you???

Montehall 01-11-2011 9:18am

DJ_Critterus 01-11-2011 9:18am

With my dog:

2nd wedding in Korea for my wife's side of the family (8 hour photo shoot... that sucked). Yeah, I know... I'm over chicked. But at least I got me a chick to put up with me..... Joe, UD, and the rest of you smart asses :lol:

With Mom, Dad, and Little Bro in the Roman Colosseum (5th Grade)

2nd Grade with baby Brother

Baby DJ swimming in the Great Danes water dish

C5SilverBullet 01-11-2011 9:18am

Cowboys Stadium press room.

Getting ready to go to Tulum.

DJ_Critterus 01-11-2011 9:22am


Originally Posted by Montehall (Post 70223)

Stop pretending to be Knooger :toetap:

NB2K 01-11-2011 9:24am

At last year's Crescent City Classic:

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