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Midnight85 02-21-2011 8:35am

Super Chevy
What are the Super Chevy shows like in your area? Indy has gone downhill big time and Joliet is a sad thing to see. Are they all failing?

GB Vette 03-07-2011 6:55pm

I've been doing them since '03 and I'd have to agree, they have gone downhill to some extent. :shots:

Midnight85 03-07-2011 11:09pm

I am in no way trying to be a smartass or put you down but if you just started going in '03 then you have no idea how badly they have deteriorated. I started back in the late 80's and Indy was a Chevy lovers paradise. Two years ago in Joliet the swap area had less than 10 vendors and they were packing to leave by noon Saturday.
I hope the one near you continues to be worth going to.

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