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wwomanC6 09-16-2016 3:41am

Sticking issues fixed
Last night a friend showed me how to replace the automatic control shifter and door opener switch in my 06.

I was having problems with the button not releasing to allow it to put into any other gear than park. I would have to play with it and eventually it would release. Same with trying to opening the drivers side door. I would have to squeeze the handle extra hard to release the latch.

Did not take any pics but will try to get some this weekend.

Sneaks 09-25-2016 8:12am

What ended up being the fix Squirrell?

Bucwheat 09-25-2016 3:52pm

Have not hear of that problem.

wwomanC6 09-26-2016 4:30am

Will get picks posted up tonight, Sneaks, with the fix! :seasix:

wwomanC6 10-02-2016 3:34pm

New shift control switch installed

Old removed one that was sticking

New door opener installed

Old removed one


73sbVert 10-02-2016 5:13pm

Yer awesome Wendy!!


Sneaks 10-02-2016 6:52pm

Notice the custom SQUIRREL floor mats. Sweet!

wwomanC6 10-03-2016 4:13am


I see I need to clean my Squirrel custom floor mats! Stains! :thomas:

Bucwheat 10-13-2016 1:25pm

Thanks for posting that Wendy.

Black94lt1 05-07-2018 7:24am

For those who have had the shifter issue, did you bypass the parking pawl or replace the microswitch? From reading over at the other place, it seems like there is no direct replacement for the switch so most people have just wired the pawl back.

This just started happening to me this spring, I wish I would have known it was and issue when I had the console apart for the nav install. It looks like I'll be pulling it apart again,

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