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Anjdog2003 02-01-2021 3:55pm

If Porter Left Would We Do A Thread For Him?
I'll start....

Steve_R 02-01-2021 3:57pm


Anjdog2003 02-01-2021 3:59pm


Originally Posted by Steve_R (Post 1852441)

Solid input steebheim. :yesnod:

The_Dude 02-01-2021 4:00pm

Porter at the theme park

Hardluck 02-01-2021 4:01pm


Originally Posted by Anjdog2003 (Post 1852443)
Solid input steebheim. :yesnod:

Not a chance, bongbreath!:kick:

Anjdog2003 02-01-2021 4:03pm

Porter reading as a kid

The_Dude 02-01-2021 4:03pm

Porter's towing service

Raazor 02-01-2021 4:11pm

Porter Backyard Fun :rofl:

Raazor 02-01-2021 4:12pm

Porter: "Automatic Stair-Thingy is hard :yesnod:"

Murray 02-01-2021 4:13pm


aerovette 02-01-2021 4:13pm

Several. Pick one.

Steve_R 02-01-2021 4:26pm

1 Attachment(s)
Porter trying golf:

Little Red L98. 02-01-2021 4:26pm


Originally Posted by Raazor (Post 1852452)

And as a wee tyke.

Little Red L98. 02-01-2021 4:29pm


Originally Posted by Raazor (Post 1852453)
Porter: "Automatic Stair-Thingy is hard :yesnod:"

Porter: Moving car thingys also hard.

Murray 02-01-2021 4:30pm

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He has a nice bike

Attachment 52167

Anjdog2003 02-01-2021 4:32pm

Porter after one beer.

Mick 02-01-2021 4:34pm

And you guys say I'm "harsh". :rolleyes:

The_Dude 02-01-2021 4:37pm

Porter at the gym

MadInNc 02-01-2021 4:42pm

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STFU Porter

MadInNc 02-01-2021 4:43pm

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