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wwomanC6 02-06-2013 6:24pm

We want your Corvette!
Since the C7 reveal, I have received two letters concerning my C6.

Last week a stealership sent me a letter stating their Corvette stock of cars had been depleted and were offering me a new vehicle for a trade in of my 2006 Corvette....I threw it in the trash!!

Today I received a letter from a second Stealership offering me $24,740 for my 2006 Corvette depending on miles and condition......Trash can!!!

YOU CAN'T HAVE MY SQUIRREL! Stop sending me this junk mail! :squirrel2:

Have any of you received the same kind offers?

LisaJohn 02-06-2013 6:34pm

I get those letters about twice a year for my old C5. I bet it said "up to" $24k.

Y2Kvert4me 02-06-2013 6:37pm

I've received those for many vehicles I've owned over the years.

My Jeep was probably the one that generated the most.

73sbVert 02-06-2013 8:06pm

I've never gotten one of those for any of my cars. :(


DukeAllen 02-06-2013 8:11pm

I guess they aren't interested in my C4:sadangel:

I have gotten things in the distant past for my Mustang and Camaros.

bradc6 02-07-2013 6:02am

Get those all the time for my '07 Vette and '09 Sierra.

6spdC6 02-07-2013 9:55am

Get these things a few times a year. Do these places think everbody is as stupid as they are!

Bucwheat 02-09-2013 3:18pm

Only owned Casper for 46 days now.

wwomanC6 02-09-2013 4:04pm


Originally Posted by Bucwheat (Post 881375)
Only owned Casper for 46 days now.

Give it time! :D

TR6speed 02-11-2013 12:49pm

I guess they figure if they send enough out, someone may actually think it is for real and go on in think of a new car. Once you are there they start the game.

Truckie 03-25-2013 11:34pm

absolutely a BS scam to get you in the Door.... I had a 2004 SSR with 51k on it and it was mint and Yellow. letter said $19,500 and could be worth up to $20,500. when I got there it was only really $17500 maybe $18,000.... I took it to CARMAX and Got $19500 and didn't have to buy from them. took my equity and put it down on my 2012 F250 4x4 XLT crewcab Diesel that I just put 6" lift and 37" tires on... the REAL train horns arrived today

wwomanC6 03-26-2013 7:38am

Those train horns make me jump because I'm not expecting it!

Got another letter yesterday. Ripped it up!

2vettes 03-27-2013 10:34am


Originally Posted by 6spdC6 (Post 879193)
Get these things a few times a year. Do these places think everbody is as stupid as they are!


BigJoe 11-30-2013 1:12pm

I just got one the other day. $22K for my 2004 coupe. Problem is I sold that one in 2004. I doubt I can get it back, but at that price I might try... Not.:rofl:

Norm 11-30-2013 1:35pm

Chucked a few away recently myself. As soon as you get into that show room.........what?.....what?...........oh we don't honor those.........ehhh, bite me.

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