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DAB 05-29-2019 5:02pm

I'm a lucky guy
I doubled my money yesterday!

well, my PP balance.

well, it only started at $5.02, and then Jeff sent me some money for postage (i sent him a book he could use in his shop), and I told him i thought my PP balance was zero, but upon checking, it was $5.02, so he sent another $5.02 to cover my postage costs.

so i doubled my money yesterday.

what can i get for $10.04? :DAB:

86RAG 05-29-2019 5:10pm


Originally Posted by DAB (Post 1671845)

what can i get for $10.04? :DAB:

A few gallons of gas for the truck? :seasix:

69camfrk 05-29-2019 5:27pm

Space Herpes..

datawiz 05-29-2019 6:03pm

1 pine 2x4. :sneaks:

DAB 05-29-2019 8:24pm


Originally Posted by datawiz (Post 1671856)
1 pine 2x4. :sneaks:

$2.82 each. :dance:

Mike Mercury 05-30-2019 7:17am

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