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Munch 02-21-2011 7:41pm

Ever see one of these?
I've never seen one of these rear spoilers before, have you? It's crazy huge.:willy:

TR6speed 02-21-2011 8:27pm

Yes I have seen them in the past not sure who makes or made them.

Bucwheat 02-22-2011 8:26am

They look aweful up close.

03SlowZ06 02-22-2011 10:48am

It looks Awful in that picture.

Sneaks 02-22-2011 11:07am

Yes. I only know one person who's car it looks even remotely good on. And it's a black car, so the lines don't show too bad.
Any other color is just.....:leaving:

Eagleeye 02-23-2011 8:54am

GB could mould and feather all the seams...might make it pretty neat !

nineTseven 02-24-2011 3:42pm

don't care much for it. do you have any other angles?

RetiredSFC 97 02-25-2011 10:46am

There are very few rear spoilers that look good. IMO

Toque 03-04-2011 9:59am

It looks too.... "added on"


Tulsa Vette Guy 03-04-2011 10:09am

Not on my Vette, No way.:hi:

Jbust3 03-04-2011 10:14am

Need's to go back in the oven... not done yet

NorCalVette Kid 03-05-2011 1:00am

That things fugly! :ack:

wwomanC6 03-05-2011 7:30am

A song comes to mind "(Too) Hip to be Square" by Huey Lewis and the News

But in this case that spoiler - It's not hip, it's too square! Oh and that Vette is too hip to have that square on it!


Damn gonna have that song stuck in my head now!

yelofevr 03-15-2011 5:50am

I noticed that I had an inbound link from this forum, so I figured I'd check it out.

Munch, wouldn't it have been easier to just ask me who made the spoiler on the forum where you took the photo from?

It's made by rksport and no I don't like it either. It was on the car when I purchased it 4.5 years ago and I'm too weary of the underlying paint to remove it. God knows what they used to hold it on...tape, glue, who knows.

I've learned to live with it. You're all right, though. The folding-chair toting, alternator-plenum polishing, CCW waxing Corvette Club members never like it either. Thankfully this car spends more time on the track than baking in the sun at shows while being run into by walkers and canes.

If you're interested in seeing other images that Munch kindly omitted, please check here.

Gave the 'ol Vette a winter makeover (PICS) - Corvette Forum


Munch 03-15-2011 4:39pm

Matt -

I meant no disrespect and if you were offended that I posted your pic I appologize.

In my defense it is crazy huge. Welcome to the barn. :cheers:

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