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Kerrmudgeon 09-03-2013 3:41pm

Why is this forum so dead?
Last posting was in.....JUNE. :(

Time to get some interest generated so post up your favourite C1&2 pics. Personally I like mixing my favourite things....:D

Kerrmudgeon 09-03-2013 3:47pm

Ah yes, my favourite year....62. :boobies::lilred:

m and t's77 09-03-2013 4:51pm

Need help in the C3 section too.:sadangel:

DukeAllen 09-03-2013 6:39pm

OT is where it's at :D

Kerrmudgeon 09-04-2013 6:39am


Originally Posted by DukeAllen (Post 1030721)
OT is where it's at :D

Did you take a wrong turn at the fork? :toetap:

DukeAllen 09-04-2013 9:25am


Originally Posted by Kerrmudgeon (Post 1030886)
Did you take a wrong tune at the fork? :toetap:

fify :D

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