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aloehr 06-19-2014 10:37am

62 4-speed shifter question
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Hoping someone can help me with this.. Pulled the clutch on my 62 327 4-speed car. On the original shifter there is a 1/4" diameter pin that holds the stick shift to the cross shaft.. That pin was half way out when I removed the shifter. It pushed back to the center easily.. What is supposed to hold it in place?
I added a picture to this post. I hope you can see it. You can see the end of the pin at the lower right . Thanks

Kerrmudgeon 06-26-2014 6:30am

Sorry, but the first thing I change out is the shifter to a Hurst so I never have to worry about it again. And that was a long time ago on my 62.
Look in your shop manual or ask on the Corvette Forum C1+2 forum. They're quick with a response and good guys as well.
This link should work....:thumbs:
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