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bill_daniels 07-18-2019 10:20am

Where Did We Go Wrong as Americans that THIS Even Happens? NSFL: language

z06psi 07-22-2019 11:07am

Allowing teachers to teach opinions vs. facts and course content.

bill_daniels 07-24-2019 3:52pm


aerovette 07-24-2019 4:28pm

When time out replaced red ass.

z06psi 07-25-2019 10:38am


SQUIRMIN VERMIN 84 08-06-2019 6:31pm

Deranged infantile assholes.

The only safeguard against the Left getting power is an informed electorate.
This is only accomplished with every new generation being schooled in our
history, our civics and our culture. This is a stewardship that was passed on to
the following generations by our founders and it started being ignored in the 60's
when the lefties were infiltrating our public schools. This continued and no wonder
that today we see the terrifying fruits of their labour.
No God, No future, No hope and the kids are bathed in it. Life is cheap, freedom is enslavement, live only for the present.

slewfoot 09-18-2019 7:15pm


Originally Posted by aerovette (Post 1678574)
When time out replaced red ass.

I never had a timeout or was grounded. Was thought of as lost productivity. I was raised on a red ass.

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