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the13bats 03-03-2014 5:36pm

replace egg crate with 69 vents....
We offer up these 70-72 egg crate replacement panels that give the car the 68-69 look,
They can be used with chrome inserts and just screw in....

125.00 per pair

highitalian 10-15-2014 5:11pm

replace egg crate with 69 vents....
What is your own phone number? Very interested. Also, could you please report your photos? The links are broken...


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the13bats 10-15-2014 6:01pm

Well, Mike my buddy made those, I guess I gave him the idea and he ran with it but he got a contract with 4-R-E you know the car company with a prancing horse on the hood, lol,
Well, he tells me he isnt doing any vette stuff until end of oct...sorry.

I cant figure out how to load a picture but hit me an email for pix,
[email protected]


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