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MrPeabody 06-22-2012 9:49pm

Ketchup Recipe
24 cups of Tomato Juice
5 cups Sugar
5 cups Vinegar
1 tsp. Cinnamon
6 Tbl. Salt


5 onions chopped coarse
1 box pickling spices
1 1/2 Tbl. Black Pepper

Put first five ingredients into pot then make a bag out of cheese cloth and place ingredients labeled BAG into bag and drop into pot. Let the ingredients cook until you have the desired consistency for Ketchup you want.

My wife then usually just follows the normal canning procedure and puts it in jars.

C5Nate 06-22-2012 9:53pm


MrPeabody 06-22-2012 10:09pm

I should mention that this is an old canning recipe so that's why the quantity is so huge. You may want to make a smaller amount. Also, it can take a very long time (like all day) to cook it down to the right thickness.

Sea Six 06-23-2012 5:43am

Awesome! :hurray:

Cybercowboy 06-28-2012 4:08pm

John Kerry, is that you?

MrPeabody 06-28-2012 11:16pm


Originally Posted by Cybercowboy (Post 698930)
John Kerry, is that you?

No, I make real Ketchup, I don't marry it.:lol:

Sea Six 08-11-2020 6:25am

How much is the yield (volume)?

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