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Jeff '79 12-20-2017 7:31pm


Originally Posted by Millenium Vette (Post 1604388)
You could more aptly compare this to the tax reform of 1986 or the tax cuts of 1997. When they cut capital gains taxes the economy lit up.

Regan was president in 1986, so I guess that I was.

VITE1 12-20-2017 7:36pm

What people fail to understand its not tax RATES that are important. It's tax revenue. And over the whole history of the federal tax plan no matter what the rate we only collect 18 to 20% of GDP.

So the real issue is will GDP grow along with revenue? And if it does will the politicans restrain themselves THIS time and not increase spending as they have done each and every time we've had tax rate reductions and revenue increases.

Demand they cut spending.

OddBall 12-21-2017 8:52am

bsmith 12-21-2017 2:02pm

Payments to agents can no longer be deducted...

Can't wait until Hollywood and athletes figure out that they will be affected.
And here I thought only the rich were benefiting?!?!

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