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Y2Kvert4me 08-04-2014 2:57am

Who is this?
Anyone remember this chop? Goes back a couple years...

Has me kinda Stumped. :)
Not Really.

Sea Six 08-04-2014 3:04am


Sea Six 08-04-2014 3:09am

So that's who that putz is.


island14 08-04-2014 4:15am

Ok thats funny.. :lol:

Who is it? :island14:

wwomanC6 08-04-2014 4:29am

Stumped no more! :Jeff '79:

Sea Six 08-04-2014 5:00am


Originally Posted by island14 (Post 1220021)
Ok thats funny.. :lol:

Who is it? :island14:

He's a sorry-assed POS from Corvette Forum who's been polluting up the forum over here as of late.

Y2Kvert4me 08-04-2014 5:02am


Originally Posted by island14 (Post 1220021)
Who is it? :island14:

There's several correct answers.:D

Lots of folks know, give it time...

Jeff '79 08-04-2014 5:10am

That's one fugly sumbich, that's for sure...

Chuck A 08-04-2014 5:45am

very not funny at all indeed

DAB 08-04-2014 6:49am


Cybercowboy 08-04-2014 8:06am

No idea.

vetteman9368 08-04-2014 8:23am

I'm guessing he earned his nickname from his first girlfriend in high school. Guess word got out

Sea Six 08-04-2014 8:30am

Isn't he that guy who turned out to be a stalker?

Grey Ghost 08-04-2014 8:32am


Originally Posted by Y2Kvert4me (Post 1220014)


Sea Six 08-04-2014 8:34am

Stumpy / the taxman / SJPD / Slant /several others.

All names for the same turd in the punch bowl.

War Eagle ZO6 08-04-2014 8:41am

Wait...what am I missing? Is my fat little buddy back?

Y2Kvert4me 08-04-2014 8:41am

vettex2 is another. :yesnod:

Sea Six 08-04-2014 8:46am


Originally Posted by War Eagle ZO6 (Post 1220133)
Wait...what am I missing? Is my fat little buddy back?

He's been making quite an ass of himself over here. Every post of his is either insulting or just plain stupid.

Cybercowboy 08-04-2014 8:46am

So when he said there was just one other name at the other place, he was full of it? Imagine that.

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