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WKMCD 08-16-2013 12:38pm

VA Speed
After being a loyal customer for a number of years, I finally got fecked by VA Speed. Got my car back yesterday after a lifter/rocker replacement dealio and it now has 20-25lbs less oil pressure than when I brought it in. I noticed it yesterday on the way home from picking it up called immediately when I got home. Hemmed and hawed and told me nothing was wrong...BS!

This morning I called and asked to speak with Doug the owner or Shawn the Ops Manager. The counter person got back to me by email and basically told me to pound sand. $3,800 later and now I need to find out where my oil pressure went.

I forwarded their email to my attorney and will undoubtedly have to sue these asshats.

I will also be posting in every forum, blog, etc about my experience.

Thanks for listening.

allthrottleandsomebottle 08-16-2013 5:29pm

Too bad.........not suprised based on others experience though

WKMCD 08-16-2013 6:12pm

Still waiting to see if they'll make good but I'm not holding out much hope. I have a lawyer for my biz on retainer. He knows what's going on.

wwomanC6 08-16-2013 6:53pm

:sadangel: That sucks! Good luck, and hope they make good a bad job!

Keep us updated.

PortDawg 08-16-2013 7:14pm

Haven't seen Ed around these parts for a while either...

thegreenman 08-16-2013 8:44pm

I only went there because Ed was there, since he left I haven't returned since. To many horror stories from their lack of service or problems.

Sorry to hear of your issues, best of luck.

Sneaks 08-19-2013 1:59am

WTF man? You don't just lose that kind of oil pressure and things are fine. They fkd up somewhere for sure!

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