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cfinn7 12-26-2015 3:59pm

1963 Ignition Problem
!963 Ignition. I have a 1963 327-300 that I am converting to electronic ignition. The car was running great after installing a new coil, plugs, and ignition wires. I removed the distributor to install the electronic ignition. See Photo 1. When I replaced the distributor it would only go in as in Photo 2 (slightly advanced). I rotated the engine to 1 TDC and it aligned as seen in Photo 3 ( still advance by a cylinder). While the engine will start, it really chugs and diesels. Any suggestions for my next step? As I said, the engine was running great!

Crowvet 12-26-2015 9:59pm

I see no pictures, but obviously the engine is out of time. Set engine on top dead center of the compression stroke, pull distributor and drop back in with rotor pointing at # 1 post of the distributor cap. You may have to reach down with a long screwdriver to position the oil pump drive so that dist will drop in the proper position.

cfinn7 12-27-2015 5:17am

It is pointing at # 1. Is it possible I am 180 deg out?

Crowvet 12-27-2015 2:14pm

Nope, wouldn't run at 180 out. You rotated the engine after removing the distributor putting it out of time. Pull #1 spark plug, put a cotton ball in The spark plug hole (not down in the cylinder just resting in the hole) turn engine by hand with a breaker bar, when the cotton ball blows out of the hole you are on #1 compression stroke. You should be almost at TDC on the timing pointer Continue to rotate until Timing mark is aligned with zero. Now at this point the rotor needs to be pointing at #1 on the cap. I am betting it is not. Pull the dist now and reset to #1

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