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Black'95 12-31-2013 7:45pm

Cup holder
Maybe an update to the floormat installation guide is needed?
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Wathen1955 12-31-2013 8:30pm

Not quite like this holder I bet:

Black'95 12-31-2013 8:43pm

Bet most guys don't need installation instructions for that!

WW7 12-31-2013 8:57pm

I sort of like this cup holder....:seasix:...WW

Black'95 12-13-2019 11:53am

5 Attachment(s)
When I first got my '95 Corvette, I purchased a cup holder from one of the aftermarket suppliers. My wife was never completely satisfied with it because it stuck out too far into her leg room. After seeing how the aftermarket model was mounted, I decided to make a new one from some 22 gauge sheet metal, sticky felt material, plastic door edge guards, and two folding cup holders that I have used on my 1990 K-Blazer. You can see the results in the following photos and how it mounts without any drilling of holes in the Corvette. I mounted the cup holders to the holder with pop-rivets. I also used a metal bending brake to bend over about 1" all along the long edge for added strength to that smaller supporting part of the metal that goes all the way to the floor.

Attachment 34405
Aftermarket cup holder

Attachment 34406
my DIY cup holder with cup holders folded up

Attachment 34407
DIY cupholder with cub holder unfolded ready for use

Attachment 34409
backside of sheet metal showing bend over re-inforcement

Attachment 34408
Back side of DIY cup holder

You can also see this on page 108 of the February 2019 issue of Vette Vues Magazine.

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