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69camfrk 06-25-2019 7:53am

Oh....this is bad.....
I sincerely hope none of you were involved with this. Turrible..jus turrible..:sadangel:

Dixievet 06-25-2019 8:18am


Millenium Vette 06-25-2019 8:46am

......When the shit hits the fan.......

snide 06-25-2019 9:09am

Shitty situation.

Defib1961 06-25-2019 9:13am

What a shitty town

Stevedore 06-25-2019 9:13am

Holy crap. There's a mention that the city "overpressurized a blocked line", so are they going to pay for all of the cleanup? I'm guessing no.

VITE1 06-25-2019 9:51am

The place is so full of crap as it is.

m and t's77 06-25-2019 10:02am

Growing up in that area we use to call it sMelrose for a reason.:D

cptlo306 06-25-2019 3:25pm

I could never live there.

mrvette 06-25-2019 4:28pm

ALL the shit on my hill goes down to the bottom next to the creek/same water level as the St. Johns River and the shit pump station pumps it back up hill to where EVER......for quite a while there were trucks there working on the shit pump, but recently, it's been all clear......after they dug hell outta the street....


MrPeabody 06-25-2019 4:55pm

I could never shit there.

bill_daniels 06-25-2019 5:30pm

"Poopburg, dead ahead! Sound collision alarm!"

aerovette 06-25-2019 5:49pm



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