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ThomasTheGiraffe 02-25-2016 3:24pm

Picture Request
There's been a photo floating around here from time to time of an insanely thick book that someone chopped the Forum Rules for CFOT onto the cover.

I need the book for a chop I'm planning at work.

Anyone remember this?

NeedSpeed 02-25-2016 3:26pm

Like this?


ThomasTheGiraffe 02-25-2016 3:28pm

No, the cover of the book had 'Forum Rules' on the cover.

DAB 02-25-2016 5:07pm

this is all i have:

99 pewtercoupe 02-25-2016 5:13pm


Originally Posted by DAB (Post 1455609)

That's the one I remember

island14 02-25-2016 8:34pm

Pretty sure that's the one Doug..


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