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island14 01-20-2016 3:11am

LMAO!!! a good use for home gym equipment..
This is a friend of ours.... :rofl:


Finally found a use for this Weider Home Gym!


island14 01-21-2016 8:19am

I figured the member here who did this would have noticed this by now.. :lol:


island14 01-22-2016 3:53am

I'm going to bump this everyday till he does...


Fastguy 02-25-2016 1:16pm

HA! Not sure how I missed that, but it actually works really well since it is next to my work bench. I had a leaky fuel bowl so it is temporarily relocated to the garage.

island14 02-25-2016 8:37pm

Neat looking old engine.. what is that?

Fastguy 02-25-2016 8:44pm

That's the Evinrude 2hp from the other thread.

aerovette 02-25-2016 8:56pm


Originally Posted by island14 (Post 1442876)
This is a friend of ours.... :rofl:


Sure takes the work out of rowing. :lol:

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