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Cobra4B 06-21-2010 11:53pm

My PTA/TTA Z06 build up...
See here for the "I got it" thread -

Started working on it a little last night removing some stuff under the hood, but put a good 4+ hours in tonight... got all of the interior out and wiring tidied up other than removing the glove box.

Battery surround removed, eventually all the AC and AIR pump stuff will be gone

Washer fluid reservoir and lines/pump all removed. I removed the hood liner and underhood light, but didn't take any pics.

Interior gutted

Lots of parts... going to sell it all

mariofromnewyork 06-22-2010 5:37am

What are you doing Friday or Saturday night I need to stop buy and go shoping?


Munch 06-22-2010 6:26am

Damn, you don't mess around.:cheers:

Cobra4B 06-22-2010 7:33am


Originally Posted by mariofromnewyork (Post 39394)
What are you doing Friday or Saturday night I need to stop buy and go shoping?


PMed you back... I'll be in town this weekend so just call/text me. I'll proabably be painting the house and working on the car all week/weekend.

Originally Posted by Munch (Post 39395)
Damn, you don't mess around.:cheers:

Nope... I want to car ready for the July NASA event which is in 1 month. Lots to do.

zz4vetteguy 06-22-2010 5:17pm


Once Mario has raided the garage, post up what ya got left in the F/S section. I may know someone who have a 2001 Mag Red Vert that may see something he needs. :leaving:

Cobra4B 06-23-2010 12:23am

Pulled the dash and center console structure and took out much of the HVAC system that I don't need. Prepping to pull the HVAC unit and remove the evaporator and heater core then put it back in to retain the defroster for early morning sessions when the glass wants to fog up. Also pulled the airbags, have to get a special wheel puller to get the wheel off.

Started on the motor pulling the coilpacks, deleting the AIR system, and got the intake off.... it's rather dirty, but I guess that's what nearly 10 years and 120k does to a motor.

Looks like one of the end tanks has a leak... time for a new radiator... the current radiator is very clogged with grass/debris and looks like it's never been cleaned. Since C5s are bottom breather it's a good idea to clean the radiator every couple of years.

1TZSLO 06-23-2010 9:59am

PM sent about A/C Compressor

WKMCD 06-23-2010 10:58am

Coming along!!!

Cobra4B 06-23-2010 9:56pm

Cleaned up the engine, then removed the front bumper and deleted the horn and unneeded wiires, then yanked out the rest of the AIR pump assembly. Finished off by yanking the radiator, coolant tank, and fans.

Air pump assembly... in case anyone's wondering it injects air into the exhaust manifold at startup to allow the cats to fire off more quickly for cold start emissions. Worth about 15 lbs.

EBCM (Electric Brake Contrl Module) out and ready to be repaired... dealer wants $1200 for one of these.... but a guy online will fix them for $150... part of how I got the car so cheap... sellers thought they were looking at another $1500 or so to dump into the car.

Running out of space...

Some parts came in today... Sparco 353 wheel from OGRacing and 2 17x9.5 forged OEM Z06 wheels.

Oh... I need to get teh AC crap out of the car but I need to evac the system.. does anyone do this? Any mobil HVAC people or is there a kit I can buy at a general auto parts store?

1TZSLO 06-23-2010 10:29pm

I just searched around for about 10 mins and well unless you tow it somewhere you might be outta luck without having a Mishap (hint) and it leaks. Unles you buy a sealed container to vacuum it out.

Cobra4B 06-24-2010 8:50am

Virginia Mobil Air Conditioning is going to meet me at my house today at lunch and evac the system for free... he said it was because I was actually trying to be environmentally conscious vs. just unhooking it. I'm sure it has a little to do with the fact that R134a is expensive and they can recycle/sell it, but nontheless I'm pretty stoked about that. I was expecting some sort of serice call fee.

pops98 06-24-2010 5:40pm

Looks like you know you way around the c-5. Keep those pics and maybe you can post them in reverse order , in order to show how to build one from the ground up.

Cobra4B 06-24-2010 10:04pm

Goodbye AC... horray for way more room...

WKMCD 06-25-2010 4:48am


Originally Posted by Cobra4B (Post 39551)
Air pump assembly... in case anyone's wondering it injects air into the exhaust manifold at startup to allow the cats to fire off more quickly for cold start emissions. Worth about 15 lbs.

I relocated mine - to the dumpster. I figure it offsets the weight of the amps...:lolsmile:

Cobra4B 06-25-2010 7:20am

LOL... yeah I took it all out of my yellow car too. Even had Kooks headers w/o any air tubes at all... not cut off and welded... actually produced w/o air tubes :)

Cobra4B 07-01-2010 7:16am

Mini update... waiting on my parts order from GM Parts House to come in tomorrow before I can do much else, plus I've been finishing house painting this week due to family coming in town for vacation tomorrow.

Stock cast manifolds w/ heat shields

Much better.... wire wheeled a little and sprayed with silver 2000 degree paint.

Parts pile is growing

Cobra4B 07-11-2010 8:13pm

Been on vacation all week, but worked on the car off/on and all day yesterday and today.

Pretty darned clean for 120k miles, car has obviously had regular oil changed with synthetic.

Borrowed a crane dual valve spring compressor to change the springs out.

Fresh 02-04 Z06 springs which are a little stiffer then the 01 spec springs. Also installed fresh rockers off a lower mileage car and lower mileage pushrods and rocker pedestals I had laying around.

Got a low mileage H-pipe from a 2004 Z06. The 02-04 piece has 2 cats vs. 4 on the 2001. Wrapped the area that passes under the bell housing and the section that passes under the trans. Keeping heat off the bellhousing keeps the clutch hydraulics cooler so the pedal works properly throughout a session and the rear part keeps the trans cooler.

Rear O2s plugged

Whole thing

LS2 timing chain, LS4 high-volume pump installed and crank drilled for ATI pin setup. Found a crack in the timing cover by the front main so will have to order a new one before getting it buttoned up and the new crank damper on.

AIR pump block-offs installed

Heat shields re-installed and manifolds back on the motor

DRM track oil cooler kit came in... uses a Setrab 625 cooler.... pretty large

Adapter block installed and lines run

Cut up the dash and removed all unneeded HVAC ducting. Its setup to blow air out the center vent and the defroster only. I pulled the HVAC unit and removed the evap core and heater core

Dash back in

Thats all... back to waiting on parts.

mariofromnewyork 07-12-2010 12:15pm

Looks good so far!


Cobra4B 07-12-2010 1:09pm

Thanks man.... whenever you're back in town come by and I'll trade you your pushrods for that 02-04 airbox lid :)

Garb55 07-12-2010 7:00pm

Great Progress~

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