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Cobra4B 03-11-2010 10:11am

Cars & Coffee Virginia Beach @ La Promenade Shops


WHEN: The first Saturday of every month from 7:30am - 9:30am. Next C&C May 4th, 2013

La Promenade Shops
1860 Laskin Road
Virginia Beach, VA

See for updates and directions via google maps

Cars & Coffee is held on the first Saturday of every month.... Sunday or the following Saturday rain dates depending on forecast.

Originally started in Irvine, CA at a strip mall on the PCH, the Cars & Coffee idea has steadily spread to various areas across the country. Here in Virginia Beach we have the beach, we have the sports cars in the area, and we have plenty of coffee so it seemed a logical fit to start a Cars & Coffee event around here.... This is an informal hangout for mature car enthusiasts who enjoy an early morning drive and a cup of coffee.

Are you normally busy on Saturdays with a list of honey-do's or family commitments? Well that's perfectly fine because you can be back home before your spouse is even up ;) Enjoy your car hobby and still enjoy the rest of your day.

Cars & Coffee Virginia beach is held at La Promenade shops off of Laskin road which has ample parking, pleasant surroundings, and an excellent local coffee house on location.

Check out for directions and updates etc.

Group link on Facebook -!/...15284668486129

PS: You don't need a fancy car to come and enjoy!


Lowcash 03-11-2010 4:01pm

Zeus posted a C&C in Nova a few months ago after the 1st snow and it was pretty cool. The temperature was cold and the roads weren't the best, but people brought their cars out for a few hours. It wasn't just an import gathering which is cool. If I wanted to see only Corvettes I'd go to Waterside or Carlisle. There was 3 other Vettes, a Viper, Ferrari, Aston Martin and bunch of Benz, Porsche and BMWs; oh and a Saleen S7.

It was good to see a group of car enthusiast stand around and comment on others cars without any (very few) snotty remarks. Everyone was admiring everyone's car.

Cobra4B 03-11-2010 5:42pm

Yeah that's the whole idea... get a great variation of cars out. The thread on the local board has really gotten some legs. Looks like we're going to shoot for the morning of the Waterside Corvette show... Waterside starts at 9 so there would be plenty of time to get up for some coffee then cruise over to Norfolk.

Munch 03-11-2010 6:01pm

Would it be OK if I called it Cars & Chocolate Milk? Coffee tastes like poo.

zz4vetteguy 03-11-2010 6:35pm


Originally Posted by Munch (Post 28271)
Would it be OK if I called it Cars & Chocolate Milk? Coffee tastes like poo.

And just how do you know what that tastes like? :toetap: :leaving:


zz4vetteguy 03-11-2010 6:39pm

Sounds pretty I was telling one of my music groups last night as we were talking about fund-raising ideas. "If it sounds interesting, let's give it a shot, what is the worse that could not work, and we know for future reference"

Good thought Brian. :cheers:

Cobra4B 03-11-2010 8:37pm

The ball is rolling... I'll keep this thread updated when we have a location/date/time locked down for the first one. It's looking like we're going to do April 10th (yes the day of the waterside show), but early so it'll start before. This won't be about fund raising or anything... just creating a mature car hangout and attracing some of the nicer cars in the area. Not that you have to have a nice car (I don't equate a C5 to a Ferrari) but it'd be cool to create an atmosphere where the owners of those cars around here want to come out.

DropTheTop 03-12-2010 6:40am


Originally Posted by zz4vetteguy (Post 28279)
And just how do you know what that tastes like? :toetap: :leaving:


Oh c'mon, we've all slipped past the ridge by accident at least once . . . :leaving:

Cobra4B 03-12-2010 10:18am

Basic site is up - Cars and Coffee - Virginia Beach

zz4vetteguy 03-12-2010 4:11pm


Originally Posted by Cobra4B (Post 28378)

Nice start. :cheers:

J.Belknap 03-14-2010 8:24pm

mmm... coffee :needcoffee:

Bobs99 03-23-2010 8:28pm

Sounds like a good idea. You can count me in.

Cobra4B 03-23-2010 9:11pm

Finalizing the location this week getting official permission etc. Will update when I can.

4DH8R 03-25-2010 6:22pm

I'm in for some joe.

zz4vetteguy 03-26-2010 7:55pm


Originally Posted by 4DH8R (Post 30621)
I'm in for some joe.

I hear lots of people say that. :D

zz4vetteguy 03-26-2010 7:56pm

Brian I will at least stop by on my way to Waterside...hell, it may be a good place to meet up for those of us on the Southside to caravan over there.

has a location been set yet?

Cobra4B 03-27-2010 7:58pm

It's going to be at shorebreak on shore drive... but Bret Kassir who owns it wats to run it by his business partners just to make it kosher... just waiting for his return email before I start putting the word otu.

zz4vetteguy 03-27-2010 8:22pm

Just keep us posted

leec4ce 03-29-2010 6:46am

Count me in :beer: for meeting before Waterside.

Cobra4B 03-29-2010 6:57am

Should get the official word today as they have their management meetings on Mondays.

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